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The New and Improved NField Gear Webstore!

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Welcome to the new and improved NField Gear webstore!

If you haven't noticed, it is truly an exciting time to own a Royal Enfield.  With new models rolling out of the factory, the modern and reliable Unit Construction Engine (UCE) and an aftermarket parts selection that is increasing daily!

In order to keep up with all these changes, we have made some changes here at the NField Gear webstore so that we can continue to bring you the best parts and accessories available.

About the New Store

Obviously the store looks completely new, and in fact it is. We have many new features we are excited about like being able to offer digital downloads of parts and service manuals to save you time and money. Better image resolution, larger image sizes and even an image zoom function! We are also on a much larger server with multiple built in redundancies to ensure it is always working quickly and correctly.

On top of the all new look and functionality, we've also improved our parts descriptions and added a Parts and Accessories by Model section so if you can shop by model and ensure the parts you are ordering are going to fit!

We have also added multiple shipping service options so that you can get your order shipped at the best prices possible.

Your NField Gear Account

Unfortunately with the new migration, some of the customer accounts made on our previous website may not have made the trip.  If you are not able to log in using your previous username and password, you will need to register for a new account to enjoy all the benefits of our improved shopping experience.

New Items

We have added a grip of new items that we have been collecting since we started the migration in October so it is definitely going to take you awhile to take it all in.

We certainly hope you enjoy our new webstore as much as we think you will and look forward to getting any feedback you may have on how we can make it even better!