4-Speed Countershaft Sprockets pre-2002

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4-Speed Countershaft Sprockets pre-2002

These 4-Speed Countershaft Sprockets are top-quality aftermarket parts made in England.

They are sold in different sizes, and compatible with 4-speed Bullets made before 2002.

We stock sprockets from 16T to 19T, but can special order English 4-Speed Sprockets from 13T all the way up through 22T.

Countershaft sprockets should be replaced when the chain is replaced. If you change from the OEM quality size (Bullet 350 - 16T, Bullet 500 - 17T) a general rule of thumb is: at the same highway speed a larger gear will allow the engine to run at a lower rpm than the OEM quality sprocket. With a modified engine (more horsepower) you will also get more top-end speed while losing take-off power and putting an additional strain on the clutch for which we recommend our heavier clutch spring kit.

If you use a smaller gear than stock you will gain low-end power and lose top-end speed. This is particularly helpful if you have attached a sidecar, converted your bike into a small delivery truck, or use other applications that load the bike abnormally.

Fits 4-speed Iron Barrel models made up until engine number 2B511912A