7" LED Headlight

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7" LED Headlight

7" LED headlight for all 12v Royal Enfield models

Meets the stringent DOT requirements that prevent the majority of LED headlights from being street legal.

Cutting edge solid state LED technology will outshine Halogen, HID and most exotic and expensive automotive LED headlights on the road today.

Lower amperage draw is perfect for Royal Enfields as it will leave amps to spare to run auxillary devices.

Integrated LED marker lights can be used as turn signals or running lights.

Headlight plugs directly into Royal Enfield wiring harness while the turn signal/marker lights will require custom wiring using the supplied directions and wiring leads. 

If you do not already have a 7" headlight installed, you will need to order a #Z90449 7" Headlight Conversion Kit to install.

Fits all Royal Enfield models including the Continental GT.

Made in the USA