Dynojet Power Commander V

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Dynojet Power Commander V

The Power Commander V is essential to anyone riding a fuel injected Enfield that has any type of aftermarket silencer or air filter.

When swapping intake and exhaust components on carbureted motorcycles, you NEED to adjust your carburetor by altering the mix and possibly changing the jetting.

When swapping intake and exhaust components on a fuel injected motorcycle, you NEED to install a power commander with the correct map to compensate for that change.

It's that important.

These maps were created through extensive dyno testing to insure maximum performance and runnability. These come pre-mapped so they are plug and play. Choose the version that most closely fits your model and follow the easy installations instructions included.

**These maps should be considered as a "one size fits most" application. Every setup is different and adjustments to the map may need to be made to compensate for your individual setup**

Fits all Fuel Injected Royal Enfield Models including the Continental GT.


Note: This product is intended to be used only on racing vehicles on closed courses, and not for use on roads or vehicles otherwise subject to emissions control requirements. In California, this product should not be used on any vehicle that is registered or licensed for use on public roads.


For a detailed customer review, click here --> Power Commander Customer Review <--

Installation instructions, click here--> Installation instructions

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    Big difference

    Posted by Jeff Nordstrom on 13th Sep 2016

    Installed on my 2009 EFI G5 Classic with K&N filter and EFI Classic Silencer. When I changed the silencer I think I noticed an improvement in power, but it may have been that I just figured it must have more power when it was that much louder. A couple years later I upgraded to the K&N filter. It seemed to make a bit of difference as well, but nothing too obvious. With time the bike started running worse and missing. Lot's of backfiring under compression.
    Then I installed the Power Commander. It took a couple of hours, and while I was at it I tightened up some loose stuff that had been rattling and making unnecessary noise. It is now running much smoother than it ever has. It still idles faster than I like, but I may be able to hook it up to a computer and get that adjusted. Quicker throttle response, faster revving, and it is not working as hard at higher rpms.

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    Does exactly as intended

    Posted by Tim on 20th Apr 2016

    My US version 2015 Classic 500 (C5) always had a hesitation when first twisting throttle. I needed to find a method of richening the fuel mixture at idle to about 2000 RPM. I'm familiar with motorcycle carbs and a larger pilot jet would have been the trick. But never saw a Fuelie before, This is way more precise than the changing of pilot and main jets. The supplied MAP was tuned for Aftermarket Silencer and only needed fine tuning at the low RPMs and Low Throttle settings. Installation was fairly easy as long as you know the Seat and Tank need removing for easy access,

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    A smoother ride

    Posted by Dave on 19th Oct 2015

    This PC-V was installed on my 2015 C5 Military at 2,000 miles. An EFI Premium silencer and K&N air filter was installed at 300Miles. I chose to mount the CPU on top of the rear fender, under the seat. Here are my observations:
    Instructions: They work but not easy. A lead-in para with basic description would be valuable. Illustrations would be better than the photos.
    Installation: 4 hrs. Requires basic knowledge of motorcycle constructon. Read the instructions several times.
    Performance benefit: Idel is now consistant. Doesn't hunt any more. Some how, some way, the bike is running smoother, especially at higher RPM. The engine doesn't seem to be working as hard now and rarely "pops" on deceleration.
    Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend the PC-V to anyone considering a free flow silencer / air filter setup.