EFI Premium Silencer

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EFI Premium Silencer

This stunning silencer upgrade for your fuel-injected bullet will not only improve the aesthetic of your bike by replacing the stock exhaust, but will also significantly increase performance.

Pair it with a pre-mapped Power Commander to ensure it's running optimally and you are maximizing performance. Comes as a kit and includes everything you need to fit to your Royal Enfield EFI Bullet.

Note: This product is intended to be used only on racing vehicles on closed courses, and not for use on roads or vehicles otherwise subject to emissions control requirements. In California, this product should not be used on any vehicle that is registered or licensed for use on public roads.

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    Efi premium silencer

    Posted by Billy Franklin on 6th Sep 2018

    I have got about 3000 miles on this silencer,at as fast as I can go speeds,it’s sounds great,it was easy as pie (which ironically is kinda hard to do right,go kiss your mom for making them for ya) to install and looks very authentic. Performance? I don’t know,I don’t ride an Enfield for performance...there are hundreds of great performance bikes...I ride mine because it’s awesome and looks great and I feel like a million bucks riding it,so if performance is your thing,my review will not help you...but if ya want something to add to your clikity clack,hell yeah ,grab this...I haven’t even tried it without the second baffle...it’s fine as is...honestly the factory silencer is awesome to me,but louder is always better...is it super loud? I don’t think so,but my wife does..and not because she’s a prude,she rides a bullet..I guess what I mean is if ya want a sweet silencer,that sounds good and looks good...here it is. Mine has discolored some,but I ride pretty briskly,there is nothing better than pushing a bike hard!anyway...it’s fast rural miles and it’s does great...it don’t run any more crappy than it ever did..these bikes ain’t bimmers...they clack and click and leak,and that’s what makes them great...we have three in my family...so maybe we are biased..hahah and as always I cannot stress how great reftw is on customer service. I got a call from Tim regarding my order status,and when I called him ,back he filled me in on the status,and a little tech advice.. and when you have a obscure Indian motorcycle,listen to any advice... he is a credit to the business..

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    Premium Silencer on a CI

    Posted by Mark on 10th Feb 2018

    My report for those who install this silencer on a CI Bullet 500. The Premium Silencer and the stock header are both 1 5/8" diameter. The adaptors that come with the silencer are of no use in this situation. I purchase and installed a 1 1/2' - 1 3/4' reducer. The 1 3/4" inner diameter over the header pipe and the silencer over the 1 1/2" outer diameter side of the reducer. The 1 3/4" side is a great snug fit over the header pipe. I drilled and tapped out a 1/4" hole for a set screw to be used as a anchor a guarantee that the reducer will not come off. I used no Permatex Exhaust sealer on this side. The 1 1/2" side is a little loose of a fit. I widened a little further the Silencer's pinch lines so they will be more apt to grab the reducer. I did use the 2" T-Pipe clamp that came with the Silencer kit on the 1 3/4" side and ordered one more for the 1 1/2" side. I did use a good amount of Permatex Copper Ultra on the 1 1/2" side only to ensure no leaks. The Silencer on my 2002 Iron Head Silencer sounds awesome! What a thump!! Not too loud. Perfect thump with a tiny bark. I left the baffle in. I had already jetted my 28mm Mikcarb for the much improved airflow in advance. I did have to adjust the airscrew in 1/2 turn though to enriched the idle circuit a little to correct the slight lean cough. Overall a HUGE improvement in performance and sound. The bike had a lot of character before but now it has perfect character. It's a must buy if you enjoy listening and riding a properly setup Iron Head Bullet.

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    EFI Premium Silencer

    Posted by Bob A on 30th Aug 2017

    Looks and sounds terrific! I can't comment on durability of course, but it didn't discolour or anything on the first couple of rides. No installation instructions, so my hint: On my E5 the exhaust fit over the header perfectly, so I thought, OK, easy. No. The clamp provided has a filler block intended presumably to provide a smooth round inner fit, but it wouldn't let the clamp tighten enough. The answer is to take the largest of the 3 "inner" adapter sleeves provided, expand it slightly with your fingers and slip it over the OUTSIDE of the exhaust. Then expand the clamp and slip it over the sleeve (I had to make sure the filler block was positioned over the open space in the sleeve). NOW, tighten it all up. Installation this way should take just a few minutes instead of the hour it took me to figure it out. Bottom line though, highly recommended.

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    Nice Rumble with Servicable Baffle

    Posted by r.tillery on 24th Jun 2015

    This unit has a better T-type pipe clamp than the economy silencer, there's no need for pipe adapter spacers on my 2012 C5 Classic EFI 500. The rear "can" hanger mount has more adjustment. The T-bolt clamp is a little tricky to "hide" with the heat shield, but the improved clamps/hangers & proper fitting pipes make for an easy upgrade installation, the baffle system also makes for a real nice rumble but not too loud or overbearing. I expect years of good service from it. An excellent upgrade & I would certainly recommend it.

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    Posted by Dave on 26th May 2015

    As promised earlier, my update. I have now added 332 miles on this silencer with no problems or signs of over heating. This milage includes a 140 mile trip with average top speed indicated at 60-65 mph for about 30% of the trip. Also includes three short higher speed test runs at 75 mph indicated.

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    A classic British silencer

    Posted by Richard230 on 26th May 2015

    The EFI Premium Silencer looks great, is about half the weight of the stock silencer and is very easy to install. The chrome seems flawless and there is a removal diffuser at the tailpipe that does a good job of cutting the exhaust bark so that the sound is about what you would expect from a classic British single from the 1950's or 1960's. The silencer comes with a removal chrome heat shield not shown on the product photo. The heat shield is held on to the front of the muffler pipe with two hose clamps. Fortunately, the hose clamps are not very visible when the heat shield is installed. If you are looking for a nice muffler to replace the stock bazooka, this would be a good choice for a very reasonable price.

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    This pipe exceeds my expectations

    Posted by Dave on 27th Mar 2015

    I only have 38 miles on this tube so far but I am impressed. Perception and mesured response may be two different things but this silencer will get your attention. I was ready for a little low-end loss of torque but didnt feel any loss, quite the contrary. The sound is very pleasing, not the "fart" of the OEM unit and the top end acceleration seemes to be improved. I'll throw in my two-cents again after two hundred miles but in the mean time this looks
    (& sounds) like a winner!