Power Commander Customer Review

Power Commanders: Worth the Investment?


A Power Commander is a fuel injection module that Classic Motorworks sells for all fuel-injected Bullets and Continental GT models. The maps were created through extensive dyno testing to insure maximum performance and runnability.

They run about $500. So it is, indeed, an investment. It's understood that some may be skeptical about a purchase this large, but hopefully we can iron out any concerns you may have.

Here's a few words from a customer that purchased a power commander:

"The thing that attracted me is that it was available from Classic Motorworks pre-mapped for sports exhaust and K&N air filter .

Initially I had a problem installing it but that was due to me not wearing my glasses and sightly due to the photos being a bit small in the instructions, my only complaint. I tried to connect the Throttle Position Sensor plug to another socket on the fuel injection which did not fit
A quick call to Dyno Jet and the friendly staff there solved the problem and I put my glasses on for the rest of the job which was easy from then on.

The product itself is very well made and easy to fit.  First start up I could tell the bike seemed to idle better.

Pickup and throttle response seemed to be improved and felt sharper where before there was a small amount of lag and off the mark acceleration seemed to be slightly better as well."

Please feel free to call or email us with any further questions about our Power Commander or any other products.