Premium Countershaft Sprockets (UCE)

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Premium Countershaft Sprockets (UCE)

UCE front countershaft sprockets available in different sizes

They should be replaced when the chain is replaced.

If you change from the OEM quality size a general rule of thumb is: at the same highway speed a larger gear will allow the engine to run at a lower rpm than the OEM quality sprocket.

With a modified engine (more horsepower) you will also get more top-end speed. We have talked to customers who have gone up one tooth from stock, with no other modifications and been happy. In this situation the trade-off is losing take-off power and putting an additional strain on the clutch for which we recommend our heavier clutch spring kit.

If you use a smaller gear than stock you will gain low-end power and lose top-end speed.This is particularly helpful if you have attached a sidecar, converted your bike into a small delivery truck or use other applications that load the bike abnormally.

If you wish to increase the sprocket size from the stock configuration you may need to modify the engine case.

Fits UCE Bullet and Continental GT models